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Clubbed with chicks and drank too much

Сlubbed wi chicks and got drunk, posted pics and bullshit retweeted other crap, your gf is at home asleep knows nothing. you're at the after-party then, having fun and more drinks but leaving the bar press 'delete all tweets for a day'.


You were a riot. You rocked the boat, retweeted wrong people mooching in front of the embassy. You didn't think on effect. Elections ended so did riots. You realised you'd been fooled and decided to restart your twitter-life. You pressed the button "Delete all tweets" and with a sad reflexion in you iPhone start again.


You are a spy. You just need it for your work. Let's press button 'Delete tweets' by hour every hour.


Hooray! You're paranoic! Conspiracy theories. Government hides the truth. You are fighting ZOG and delete your tweets once a day and even oftener. They are watching you.


You are a member of DLTTR MOVEMENT. To delete 100 tweets any person spends 10 minutes. DLTTR spend any seconds.


You are an all-or-nothing perfectionist and all these replies, check-ins or retweets laying over you superb tweets annoy you to death. delete this rubbish with DLTTR app, select the type of tweets in Settings (available in v.1.1) and keep your timeline clean and pretty, your tweets only!

How does it work?

Press the button once you're going to sleep

The app

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Full web version and delete activities from Facebook.